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Shakespeare book charm necklace

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These Shakespeare themed necklaces are custom made from actual pages of Shakespeare plays! Choose your single sided bezel or a double-sided option. If you choose the double-sided option, please include which two words you would like featured on each side in the customer notes.The necklaces in the photograph are examples, not the exact piece as your piece will be customized for you.

 Please add in the notes section 3 words you would most like to see in your piece starting with the word most important to you. We cannot include full phrases in a piece as the shapes of the glass do not permit it. Please keep your requests to single word options.

Before we make your piece, we will email you several sections of the book that feature your chosen word(s) for you to choose from. Included in the email will be suggested charms for your necklace. However, if there is a certain charm you prefer, please let us know in the notes section. Number of custom charms/crystal dangles cannot exceed 3.

 Please note, the process to complete custom book necklaces is 5-7 business days.